Welcome to the website of Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America FOBANA®, is a non-profit, non-political and non-discriminatory, IRS 501c(3) tax-exempt (Tax ID 26-1747615) organization. Year of establishment 1987. This organization of Bangladeshi Associations has been recognized as an umbrella, where Bangladeshi Americans gather to celebrate their success and introduce their vibrant culture to this multicultural country. Since its inception in 1987, FOBANA® has been working tirelessly in this land far away from our ancestral homeland to keep our indigenous culture and commence it to our next generation growing in the United States and Canada. That is not all; FOBANA® has recently received appreciation for its work to assimilate our people with the mainstream of North American people and culture. Those of us who are working in spite of all obstacles in different communities all over the continent are getting recognition from our organization. In other words, FOBANA® is a symbol of our hope and aspiration and a unifying force for bringing our communities together and for moving it in forward direction.


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Executive Committee (2016-17)

Azadul Haq
Houston, Texas, USA

Mohamed Alamgir
Washington, DC
(703) 626-5814

Executive Secretary
M Mowla Dilu
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
(770) 912-9169

Joint Executive Secretary
Zakaria Chowdhury
New York, USA
(646) 226-7144

Shah Haleem
Houston, Texas, USA

Outstanding Member
Nahid Chowdhury Mamun
Hawthorne, NJ
(201) 835-2473

Outstanding Member
ATM Alam
(571) 237-5469

Outstanding Member
Nurul Amin Nuru

Outstanding Member
Atiquer Rahman
(954) 818-2970

Outstanding Member
Rehan Reza
Tokepka, KS
(785) 554-0586

Outstanding Member
Jashim Uddin
Atlanta, GA

(770) 882-1293

Outstanding Member
Dr. Ahsan Chowdhury(Hero)
Austin, TX


Executive Organization Members

Bangladesh Association of Florida

(M Rahman Jahir)
(561)- 876-2255

Bangladesh American Association of Georgia (BAAG)
(Duke Khan)

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Bangladesh Association
of America Inc. (BAAI)
(Dr. Anwarul Karim)


Bangladesh Association
of Houston (BAH)
(Dr. Rafiq Khan)


Bangladesh Association
of Georgia Inc., (BAGI
(Arif Ahmed)


Mid Continent Bangladesh Association
(Rabiul Karim Belal)

(316) 393-0920

Bangladesh Association
of New Jersey
(Golam Faruque Bhuyian)


Bangladesh Association
of North Texas
(Hashmat Mobin)


Bangladesh Friendship Society
(ZI Russell)

(646) 533-1350

Bangladesh Community
of Los Angeles 
(Masud Rob Chowdhury)


Bangladeshi Expatriate
Society of Texas (BEST)
(Maya Nehal)


Drama Circle (New York) 
(Abir Alamgir)

(347) 724-9518

Bangladesh Association of Montreal
(Dewan Maniruzzaman)
(514) 691-9779

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